Having a chat with Lippie on the balcony - in between recording new songs for her debut album. (

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The Little Things (an excerpt) - from Paris, France… featuring Lippie.

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Working with LIPPIE. Paris, France. Day Two…

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From the Art Barn of Pete Gurnz (a TOUT)

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An excerpt from Rani Turton (

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THIS IS A MAN’S WORLD… but it wouldn’t be nothin….

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Upon Closer Examination - video (acoustic)

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John Forte - Cherry Blossom Water Love

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In addition to life’s lessons, my family and friends (former, current, and future) have led me here, to a place (physical, mental, and spiritual) that is better than any I have known thus far. I thank you all. Every day is a meditation, a chance for self-reflection, introspection and (if need be) self-correction - ESPECIALLY through the hard times. Life is for living!

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